Who is LEEP?

At LEEP, we know that companies in every industry, even the very successful ones, have not been able to tap all the opportunities available to build the best possible brand. Our experiences allow us to see organizations and brands with clarity and generate solutions to complex problems. 

LEEP is led by Patricia Jurca, who creates solutions-focused teams from her network of experts. This network includes expertise in branding and strategy, graphic design, industrial design, architecture, interior design, finance, consumer behavior, UX/UI, and organizational behavior. 

Patricia's professional path has allowed her to work with a variety of organizations, including non-profits, start-ups and established brands. She has managed products ranging from higher education to consumer packaged goods working on both the agency and client side. This breadth of experiences taught her to ask the right questions and to look in unusual places for solutions. 

Patricia has an MBA from Case Western Reserve University, a BS in Marketing from Boston University and is currently an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Design and Innovation at Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.  


How does LEEP work?

Interdisciplinary teams receive praise for crossing traditional boundaries. Team members bring varying perspectives which can lead to unique insights and creative solutions to problems. How is a truly interdisciplinary team created? How can you ensure that you have the most talented people from each discipline? At LEEP, we don't claim to own all of the best talent but we know how to create the best teams to make an impact on your business. We bring a broad network of experts who would likely never be under one roof. 

"We” means something different for every client situation. One of the keys to working with LEEP is that you’ll work with a team formed specifically for you. This could take the form of an individual or a team comprised of members from relevant disciplines. These disciplines might include some that you haven't traditionally considered but that we believe will bring insight to your organization. Our years and diversity of experiences gives us the flexibility to pull together the best team for you, customized to your marketing needs. 


Do you know that you misspelled the word 'leap'?


The company is founded on principles of innovation and leadership that have a long legacy in our founder's family. A play on the founder's last name and first initial, LEEP is both a signal of the hard work and values that drive the company, and also a play on the word leap. We know how to take smart risks, and are looking forward to helping you take yours.