Getting Started

Starting a company is a big, scary endeavor. For years I've toyed with the idea of being out on my own but time and again chose the less risky option of having a job. There are many days when I ask myself, "why am I doing this?" But what compelled me to work through it, and move forward?

I've worked in marketing for essentially my entire career. I love so many parts of this discipline. I love the communication, the creativity, the changing landscape in which we work and the moments when you are able to see the tangible impact of your work. I love analyzing the successes of others and, like almost everyone else, I love identifying the mis-steps and more so, to help correct them. However, over the years I realized that many opportunities exist to make a brand more meaningful than through traditional marketing activities. I can talk to organizations about their ads, distribution, and packaging design, but my unique strength lies in understanding how systems, departments and spaces contribute to or detract from a brand. 

In the most simplified terms, I help brands become better versions of themselves. I diagnose the customer value chain, discover opportunities for the brand to improve and create a plan that can realistically be executed. 

This goes beyond traditional marketing, and I want to take companies beyond that dimension to enhance their overall message and grow their business. 

I hope you'll join me in taking this LEEP.