X Marks the Spot

Have you heard the phrase "user experience"? What about "customer experience"? A quick Google search shows that there are millions of web pages dedicated to explaining both UX and CX. It's evident that there is immense interest in UX and CX. While it's important for brand managers and marketers to understand each of these concepts, a simple commonality reveals another important idea that marketers must address. 


Both user experience and customer experience contain the word 'experience' (obviously). But, the use of the word 'experience' is actually signaling a critical piece of information. It suggests looking at something more holistically. The label 'experience' indicates that it's not about individual tactics but something broader. As Aristotle said, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

As a marketer, do you design the brand experience? Do you understand how your projected identity and messages affect the brand experience? Do you only focus on shaping messages at specific touchpoints? Or, are you focused on the whole?

Focusing on brand experience is the spot that marketers must reach. Many successful brands are already moving in this direction but, as with UX and CX, there will always be more opportunities as well as constant improvements and changes to be made.